Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The past couple of years saw a great proliferation of bookmarking applications.

Of course del.icio.us has been around for a few years. It even seems to have changed its name to delicious.com.

Then I tried ma.gnolia. Actually I'm never sure where that goddamn period goes. That alone turns me off from using it. I don't know why they would go out of their way to come up with such a difficult-to-remember-precisely name. Unless they are exceptionally good, it's just suicide on their part. And I wouldn't characterize it as exceptionally good.

I have yet to really get into the idea of sharing bookmarks. They seem a bit personal to me.

So the main thing I use is Foxmarks, without sharing.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

More internet connectivity problems

Were having problems yesterday.
First in the day. Solved by unplugging router and modem and restarting machine.
Then in the evening.
Then again repeatedly at night.

Called koshou center, they saw something fishy at our building's main device.
Guy came this morning and saw that it was OK, but did some routine maintenance.