Tuesday, January 10, 2006

2006 well under way, for better or worse

Well it looks like this year is here for real. After starting work again, we were already into another long weekend that is just ending now. I am partly desolate about that fact, and partly eager to get moving on things.

Working in Ginza is pretty interesting. It is a veritable shopping and entertainment mecca. If I am not careful I could end up spending oodles of money there on the fashionable restaurants and bars. Especially given that I like the Ginza style.

Starting tomorrow I am going to conciously try to pin down my lunch cost to 1000 yen or less.



I spent much of the weekend setting up my Linux environment at home. In fact it is where I type from right now. It is really cool. I can't believe you get all this stuff for free. It makes me worried about the future for software developers.

I am running a Xandros 3.02 distribution. This is Debian Linux with a Kde GUI over it. It was more trouble-free than setting up Windows!

However the real troubles came in setting up my web development tools - MySql, Apache and PHP. One major problem plaguing me was that it was not clear there was even a C compiler on this sucker, and all these installations require a compile! From the perspective of a hard-core Windows user, this is kinda ridiculous. But live and learn. I used the Xandros Network tool and a lot of wild guesses (only a few educated guesses, because I largely have no idea what the hell I am doing) and kept installing this that and the other thing.

For example I had to install this lexical analyzer called Flex. Then there was this thing called LNCurses, which certainly had me cursing. Each of these required the installation of several packages.

Finally, miraculously, everything seems to have fallen into place and is working correctly. Of course, I have no idea why.