Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The Practice at 30,000 feet

So I am sitting on the plane on my way to
Canada. The Practice is on the in-flight entertainment. I have only seen snippets of it in Japan. But now in my economy-class captivity I end up watching three episodes back-to-back.

Episode 1 – Evil-Doers

Really gripping. Actually I was more wrapped up in the secondary story, the one about the rape case, than the main story about the Hannibal creep O’Malley who is stalking Lindsay.

In the secondary (rape) story, it made me anxious that the accused was a black man. I think that in real life most violence by blacks is committed within the black community. How often does a black man from the ghetto really rape a white upscale professional woman in Manhattan?

At the end when the defendant’s identical twin brother showed the scar behind his ear, proving that he was indeed the rapist, I was bothered even more. I mean the defendant was a hoodlum but the brother was an oncologist. This contributes to a stereotype that I often notice but doesn’t seem to get any attention in the media – that even if a black man is successful he still carries some form of bad genes that will one day express themselves. Either in the form of a crime committed by, a crime committed against, substance-abuse, domestic violence and so on.

Episode 2 – This Pud’s for You

This episode had an uncharacteristically funny element in the secondary story, personified by that character Rodney, a classic loser. A complete creep and pervert, incessantly asking his female attorney to suck on his dick. He even had a name for it – Pudley! I could not stop laughing. The elderly Japanese woman in the seat next to me must have thought that American TV was a real blast.

In the main story about Lindsay being stalked, I did not feel sorry for her. In fact she annoyed the hell out of me. I wanted to see her get her ass arrested, and so it was. Definitely a happy ending, as far as I was concerned.

However the person I despised the most was that dark-haired prosecutor Helen Gamble. She fabricated this story that Rodney was a pedophile when that didn’t appear to be the case. This was to guarantee that he would suffer in prison at the hands of the other inmates. She even said to him “You’re a dead man, Rodney” as if to savor her deed. In the show she is portrayed as this moral and righteous character. However, in typical American fashion, it is OK for the righteous crusader to screw over the person labeled as the “creepy outsider” with impunity. Somehow reminds me of the state of affairs (or the affairs of the State) outside of TV, n’est pas?

Justice for all.

Episode 3 – The Verdict

I continued to maintain my anti-Lindsay sentiments. They lessened somewhat when she decided to be honest, suddenly going off in a tangent in the courtroom despite her legal team’s strategy to hide the incriminating truths. Like Helen Gamble, they all seemed like a bunch of shady lawyers looking like the “good guys”.

So at the end of the day I was happy to see her pronounced guilty. I don’t wish her life in prison, or even prison time at all. But I was happy to see her legal team get their asses kicked.