Wednesday, October 14, 2020

No signal in external display connected to MacBook Pro running Catalina - Fixed

Before I start I should add a caveat - the post title is misleading. I didn't actually fix anything since there was no problem to begin with but my own lack of observational skills! Nevertheless there are many people similarly afflicted, and this post might help them.

So I’ve been connecting my MacBook Air mid-2012 model to an external ASUS VP228HE monitor successfully for a long time. That Mac doesn't have an HDMI port so I've been using a HDMI <-> Thunderbolt adapter all these years.

I just purchased a MacBook Pro early-2015 model, and tried connecting to that monitor the same way. However there was no signal to the monitor. So I was just getting a black monitor screen.

I scoured the internet for answers. I tried every bit of advice provided in this excellent Medium article, and several other articles, but nothing worked.

Eventually I realized that this MacBook Pro actually has an HDMI port! Duh… 😯

So I connected directly to that, rather than to the Thunderbolt port using the adapter. It worked beautifully.


Sunday, May 31, 2020

Growing Tomatoes!

I decided to try my hand at growing some vegetables this summer.

So why not start with my favourite veggie - the tomato! We decided to go with open-pollinated seeds and seedlings.

We bought one seedling from this place in Saitama: .  We drove there, up to Saitama, to pick it up. It's a variety called アロイトマト (aroi tomato). I can't find much info about it in English. 

We transferred it over to a proper planter. Here it is in our garden now:

We also bought some seeds, by delivery, from Noguchi Seeds:  Those were delivered.

Here are the seeds:

We planted them into small pots, will share photos of those in the next blog post.