Monday, April 11, 2016

DMM SIM needs access point registration for data connection

I am temporarily using a SIM-free LG G2 mini (Japanese).

I inserted my DMM SIM card.  Phone and SMS worked fine, but there was no internet connection via 3G or LTE. I simply couldn't figure it out.

I thought about sending DMM a tech support ticket but before doing so went through their FAQs. It turns out you need to register the access point for it to be able to work. 

Here is the info (Japanese):
DMM mobileのSIMを端末に入れても、通信できません

Gotta remember that.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Business hotels

If you are stuck in Japan without accommodation, there are actually tons of small hotels called "business hotels".

Generally you can always find vacancy in those somewhere in the city. The name sounds luxurious but they're actually low-priced and no-frills.

They typically don't have a restaurant or many amenities, and the rooms are small. However they are clean, comfortable and get the job done. They are mainly used by people on business trips.

I've used them a lot myself and was always pretty satisfied. However most of them don't have much info in English. If needed I can give you a hand with that when you're here.