Monday, February 01, 2010

Twitter client questions

  • I can't find an easy way to add my profile page as a column to the main window.
  • Selecting "Open Link" from right-clicking a link in a displayed Tweet doesn't work.  In the Settings I don't think I saw a place to specify a browser.

Twitter website
Why are re-tweets no longer editable?  Perhaps the concept is more about just spreading their tweet around, than quoting them.  But why don't they provide an interface to support the quoting concept?


Unknown said...

Hi Arka
Dunno about Tweetdeck but strongly recommend Hoot Suite.

As for the retweets just cut and paste then add your comments.RTs with a comment are always best if you can manage it
See you next Monday night

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips Michael! I will check out Hootsuite.

I am also using Seesmic. It doesn't solve the first problem, of easily being able to bring up my profile page. It does solve the second one, i.e. simply that clicking on links works! It also allows editing retweets (as does TweetDeck... it's a mystery why the Twitter site doesn't).

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of settled on Brizzly at the moment... was already using it so I think I'll see how it works out.

Anonymous said...

Still using Brizzly but have also started adopting Hootsuite.

Finding it pretty slow, however. Particularly clicking on tabs, when I have multiple tabs open. My machine is definitely not a slow one, nor is my network.