Monday, January 18, 2010

Official company rep with two Facebook accounts

Here's a question I just mailed to Facebook. Anyone know the answer?

Dear Facebook,

I have a question on behalf of a client, regarding Facebook Pages (with a capital P).

Their marketing representative created a Facebook Page for the company, from an initially logged-out state. This results in a business account being created. He then clicked the "Create Your Profile" button at the top of his business account. This resulted in a personal account also being created.

Problem is, he already had his own personal account. From the link below it sounds like an individual is not allowed to have more than one account, and that he should have set up the Facebook Page using the account he had.

However, the account he had to begin with was his own, as an individual. The one he created next was as an employee in a company. It is not a small company, like a cafe or anything, but a Fortune 500 multinational with tens of thousands of employees.

Would the rule against multiple accounts apply here? If so, is the solution to first delete that new account, then have the company assign the job of managing that Facebook Page to an employee who doesn't have a Facebook account, and doesn't plan to? Are there any other workarounds?

N.B. I assume that the use of separate mail addresses does not legitimize multiple accounts. You explicitly say that it's a violation for a person to have multiple accounts, which is not possible using a single mail address to begin with, so your rule must be referring to cases of multiple accounts using separate mail addresses.

Thanks in advance,
Arka Roy