Thursday, February 05, 2009

CD/DVD drive keeps disappearing

I keep "losing" my CD/DVD drive on my new Dell.

Happens almost every day but not constantly. CDs don't get mounted, and if I look in My Computer the CD drive icon is gone. In the Device Manager too, the CD ROM device category is gone. Conversely, in the Hard Drives category some mystery item shows up, with a garbage character name.

Restarting seems to fix it. But still, WTF?

Called Dell Support, spoke to a lady named Kudo-san. We did the following two steps.
  • Set the BIOS to default settings.
  • Uninstall the CD drive from the Device Manager. Restarting the PC reinstalls it.
She will call back on Monday to ask if things are OK.

This new Dell is turning out to be quite a hassle.

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New American Patriot said...

Yes definitely a BIOS problem. You could also look for BIOS and driver updates. Try flashing the BIOS:

There are three drivers available for your model in English here - depending on which kind you have:

Those should be fine, bu if they don't play nice, you can always replace them in the control panel system window with Japanese versions (that won't be an issue with the BIOS):

good luck pal. That should definitely fix the problem.

If not, it's possible you have a faulty ROM chip on the motherboard - which should be replaceable under the warranty.