Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Net connection goes down again

  • Unplugged router and modem and restarted machine, to no avail.
  • Eventually came back on its own.
  • Called 0120-242-751 and spoke to a lady named Kawasumi-san.
  • Confirmed that the connection was unstable around 16:45 but is back up now.
  • She said a guy will come over tomorrow morning.

Monday, September 22, 2008

What's up with Firefox 3?

I started using Firefox 3 a few weeks ago and am immensely dissatisfied.

It seems to hang a fair bit. I try to start it up and nothing happens. I take a look in Windows Task Manager and it's there. I kill the process and try again.

Sometimes this fixes the problem, but sometimes it repeats itself. I kill it again, try starting it again, and so on. After a few cycles it may start up. Sometimes I just restart the machine which solves the problem.

I never had this issue with Firefox 2.

I also find it is generally slow to start up. The Bookmarks functionality has also degraded. When I go into my bookmark folders to select a link, I used to be able to right click there and there would be a "Sort by Name" selection. That's not there any more. Adding bookmarks is also very slow. The dialog to add a bookmark is now modal, and with no window title. It is really degraded, as if under development again or something.

I wonder what the hell they did to it?