Sunday, July 10, 2005

Casio cell phone

I have had my cell phone for a while now but I haven't realized how much I appreciate it.

I use it for myriad purposes. It is my alarm clock. The alarm sound is a beautiful soothing one that doesn't start my day with a traumatizing cacaphony. I use the camera function in a big way. The photo quality is not as good as my digital camera but I am not such a photo-freak to begin with and this does the job. I extensively use the mail function. In fact I forward mails sent to my usual PC mail address to the cell phone so I usually see them there first.

I use the map and GPS functions sometimes. I extensively use a couple of the train navigation services where you type in your start and destination stations and it tells you the transfer points and times and fares.

Just today it came in handy twice. I was out driving and wanted to park and wasn't sure if a certain stretch on a given large street was OK or not. So I called my wife, who is pro at Tokyo driving, and tried to explain some of the unusual street markings there, but was not able to do so with sufficient clarity. Finally I just took a photo and mailed it to her cell phone and she was able to quickly understand what I was talking about.

Later I was walking by a parking lot that had a terrific discount rate from 6pm on. So I resolved that around 6pm I will move the car over to there. There was no way I would normally remember such a thing though, so with a few key presses I set up an alarm to go off. The alarm settings allow you to add text or pictures. When you specify you want to set a picture you can select an image file in the phone's memory (eg. photos you have taken so far) or you can go directly into camera mode, take your photo and come back out into the alarm setting. In other words you do not have to leave the alarm settings and go to camera mode and take the shot and save the picture and go back to the alarm. The navigation is so much more seamless than that. I am a fiend about navigation between functions in software and devices and I was quite impressed. So without breaking my stride I was able to take the picture of the parking lot sign that would flash on the screen when the alarm goes off.

All in all I was impressed and realized that a blog homage to this phone was long overdue.

Here is it is, in case you are curious.

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