Saturday, March 05, 2005


Went klubbing with Tanaka at a place called Soft, off Roppongi-dori near Shibuya.

Really nice cute peppy little place, all white shiny walls, pretty artsy.

A few performance art pieces and some dub. Then this great DJ comes on, playing all these oldies. I couldn't believe it. Phil Spector, The Crystals, all awesome stuff.

It was a pleasure to hang out with Tanaka that evening, one of the last true intellectuals. A cosmic dude.

All the young dudes, carry the news, boogaloo dudes, carry the news...

Yes, he is one of the few people I know in Japan with whom I can discuss Mott and the Hoople and that whole glam period.

Drank endless gin-and-tonics.

Left the place as dawn was breaking, took an early train from Shibuya to Ikebukuro. Did not want to wait for the train home so I took a taxi back.

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