Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Motivational Posters

I hate corporate insincerity. A lot can be written on this. For now let us just focus one obscure little corner of it.

Take those motivational posters and calendars that say have these messages about making great effort in your work, setting goals, and related platitudinous blather. Meanwhile your boss is an incompetent and mean-spirited dunce who doesn’t know his ass from his elbow. Why doesn’t he go all the way and make a fool of himself and tell his staff that cleanliness is godliness? Or make his accounting section squat on the floor chant like the Cub Scouts, “We’ll do our best! We’ll do our best!” Do your best at what? Inflating the balance sheet?

I much prefer the slacker posters saying things like why do it today when you can procrastinate. Or telling you to stop and smell the roses, and if it is fun then just continue smelling the roses.

Companies will bring in some management consultant who will give a stock speech about work-life balance, and cookie-cutter statements on people being the most valuable resource. Then come next Monday management is back at its predatory ways.

I am not knocking a sincere love of excellence. I certainly have it (whether I always achieve it or not is a separate issue!). However, motivational posters and platitudes are just plain annoying if the company does not follow up on its side of the bargain.

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