Sunday, March 27, 2005

Abba to Zappa?

So I went and reorganized all my CDs by alphabetical order for the first time.

Until now they were always clumped together by genre in a pretty casual way. But I have been finding it hard to find stuff. So a change was due.

Having interacted with my CD rack from a genre-based viewpoint so far, the new order (including New Order, sorry!) seems kind of funny. Completely unrelated CDs are now next to each other.

Some notable examples:

The Who followed by Wu-Tang Clan

John Lennon followed by Limp Bizkit

The Jam followed by Wyclef Jean

Aerosmith followed by Aqua

Lynard Skynard followed by Bob Marley

Chumbwumba followed by Eric Clapton

Pet Shop Boys followed by Peter Paul and Mary

Simon and Garfunkel followed by Siouxie and the Banshees

The Doors followed by Dream Warriors (not as far removed as one may think)

but the grand prize has to go to....

Fatboy Slim followed by Fats Domino

1 comment:

Andrew B said...

I'm curious of how things would have ended up, had you alphabetized like in Japanese music shops, i.e., no differentiation in first/last name, pronouns, etc, so that Daniel Ash would be filed under "D"...