Thursday, February 10, 2005

Gaijin can't aim their wang?

In Japan I find that whenever there is something slightly amiss in a public space and foreigners have been observed in the area, suspicion immediately falls on us.

For example a number of foreigners work in the building where my main client's office is located. I guess the cleaning staff have complained of having to to, well, go beyond the call of duty when cleaning the washrooms. So guess what, warning signs go up in English.

Actually, to their credit the signs are bilingual, but the English portion is definitely more prominently displayed. And I have to say that I am impressed by their command of English, this is way above and beyond the level you normally encounter here.

In fact I doubt I could even have come up with this!

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Seppo said...

Hey, d00d. How's it going?

Strangely, I'm now working at Maxis. :D

Hope you're doing well.