Sunday, February 06, 2005

Cosby going off the deep end?

I spent the entire day inside except for a short walk outside. Never-ending administrivia on the computer and with receipts and bills and such nonsense. It's almost like this kind of stuff piles up faster than you can keep up with it. I'm trying to stay on top of it all as it happens so I don't have to rush at tax time next year. But aren't I admirable, already thinking ahead to tax time of next year!

This is old news but today I was net-surfing Bill Cosby's infamous "Pound Cake Speech" at the NAACP. I had not followed it closely at the time it happened. Among other things he had complained about black kids having names like Shaniqua, Taliqua and Mohammed, and all of them being in jail.

While that speech may have had some good points, I can't help but wince at his griping about people's names. Give me a break, these kids might not even be responsible for their names! And so what if they are? I assume it's the being in jail or getting lousy grades or whatever that is the real problem. What if someone had a name like Mohammed or Kareem or whatever and was a straight-A student?

And worse, what if such a kid were to hear this speech? It's likely that until that point he held up Cosby as a figure of great respect. Then to be berated merely for having this kind of name would doubtless feel like a real poke in the eye.


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