Friday, May 14, 2004

Scripting problems

Tired, hungover, needed extra sleep. Call from client at almost 11am to ask when I will arrive. I tell them an hour from now. They want me to participate in an IM session.

IM session goes from shortly after 11am to around 4pm! Lots of stuff discussed. Towards the end MSN Messenger seemed to kick me out. I couldn’t sign back on and then realized that I cannot connect to the internet.

Eventually restarting my router fixed this.

I go out on my bicycle to Nerima area. Eat lunch at Fracasso.

Return home, try to solve the problem of why some scripts do not work on my machine.

I finally figured out that Norton Anti Virus Script Blocking feature has been causing this. I checked it off and the scripts worked.

I am sure that this feature does not unconditionally block all scripts. Otherwise you could not do much on the internet in this day and age, and I am a big net surfer. Reading information on Symantec’s website, it seems that it is supposed to detect scripts with virus-like behaviour. So does this mean that my scripts exhibit virus-like behaviours?

I also found that in NAV Auto-Protect displays "Off" and Email Scanning displays "Error" in the System Status screen. I could not solve this, looked around the web. Found the answer in the Symantec website. The conclusion was that I need to reinstall NAV. Did, fixed the problem.

One more aside. In the past I had disabled Symantec Password manager since I suspected it had something to do with my scripting trouble. Clearly it did not, since the problem persisted after I disabled it. Anyway I am now using it again and my scripts work fine. So the cause was simply the Script Blocking feature.