Saturday, July 19, 2003


Met Rogan and Haruka at Tsutaya 4th floor, magazine area. Went to JPop Cafe, drank some wine and ate some salads.

After that walked around for a while in Shibuya. Went to Comix, across the street from the Beam building. They sell old American DC and Marvel comics for only 100 yen! Some are 300 yen. I bought two Thor comics and two Hulk comics, all were 100 yen.

We then went to this okonomi yaki place. It was really good, and not expensive. It took a while to decide on it, because there was also this very tempting shabu-shabu place for 1500 yen all-you-can-eat. Haruka seemed really tilted towards the shabu-shabu, she wanted meat! Rogan seemed more inclined towards the okonomi yaki. Maybe he thought that if we go there he would be able to keep it to under 1000 yen.

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