Monday, July 22, 2002

Net Surfing

Net Surfing continuously from 4 pm to 9pm.

Some hilights were:

1. The Who, John Entwistle
Did not spend much time on a particular site. Checked out the BBC archive on stories about John Entwistle. Too bad about him having cocaine in his body. He used to be a cool spiffy dresser back in the sixties. Looked around for photos.

2. Missing Persons
Extensively looked at Terry Bozzio's site. Jumped to the site of his sister Carol Bozzio. She and her husband perform as a duo. Man, she is a looker! Wow! I wonder how old she is. Considering that her brother is over 50, she must be getting up there herself. She looked very young. I then looked around for recent news and info and pictures of Dale Bozzio. She too remains attractive to this day. These women getting on in their years really have it!

3. Poppy Family
West Coast Canadian lumberjack rock. Terry Jacks, Seasons in the Sun. Read about his recent divorce and story of spousal abuse with a dish rag. Read about his environmental activities. Searched high and low for pictures of Susan Jacks. She was a hottie, and probably still is in her fifties. Was a bit frustrated. Found out a lot of info about the Poppy Family. Found a sarcastic cool site with information about the Poppy Family:

4. Limewire
Purchased and downloaded Limewire Pro. Looked around for some info about the company. Did not study anything very deeply. Want to understand better their open source business model.

5. Amazon Jp
Ordered the Poppy Family CD.

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